Join us for a Special Show!


Cogs the Brain Shop & Planet JUNKO invite you to appear on our special show. Create amazing stuff with JUNKO inventor and father of three Pete - who has just appeared giving crafting lessons on Channel 4.

You just need a phone, tablet, or computer with webcam - we'll send you all the parts you need to join in :)

& get FREE JUNKO too!

Book your place here:

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Programme: Craft Club Live from Planet JUNKO

Description of Programme: 

Craft Club Live from Planet JUNKO is a programme where kids get to join JUNKO inventor Pete and learn to make amazing creations from things that usually get thrown away or put in recycling. It’s a fun and positive experience and a great introduction to craft and creativity. Planet JUNKO will supply free a JUNKO kit and stencils for the session plus a set of eco-friendly colouring pens to the participants which are theirs to keep. 

Dear Parents/Guardians

By accepting this agreement, you warrant that you are the parents/lawful guardians of your Child and that you are satisfied that this agreement is clearly for the benefit of the Child. In consideration of our arranging to film and record the contribution given by your Child/Children (together “the Contribution”) in 2022 and other good and valuable consideration, you agree to the recording and filming of the Contribution.

You acknowledge that you have had explained to you, and you fully understand, the full nature of the Programme and your Child’s participation in it and you agree that your Child may so participate. You hereby give all consents necessary for the recording and online distribution on Social Media and Planet JUNKO’s websites of your child/children’s appearance on “Craft Club Live from Planet JUNKO”. 

Your child’s contribution may also be edited and included in montages/previews and other promotions for JUNKO and the show. We shall be entitled to cut, edit and translate the Contribution as we deem fit and we shall not be obliged to include all or any of the Contribution in the Programme. 

We will not divulge our child contributors names (beyond the chosen screen name) or locations, and do not store personal data on your child beyond our correspondance with the Parent/Guardian. The show is recorded live and broadcast at a later date so if any information is unintentionally given by child contributors we will remove it.

By necessity we will process your personal data, including your image and voice, as part of producing the Programme. We will do so in accordance with all relevant data protection law and you can find out more information about how we process your personal data on our website. See our privacy policy.

JUNKO® is a Laser Beam Eyes Ltd creation.

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Do i need any special software to take part?

No - we just send you a web link to click on - it's super easy.

What equipment will my child need?

Just a pencil (or pen) and scissors - we'll send you all the rest including JUNKO Kit, a fab set of colouring pens, templates to draw around

When is the show recorded?

We record the show at 5pm on Monday. We'll contact you to make sure you are available for the Monday we have allocated for you.

What if my child accidentally reveals personal information?

Don't worry - we record the show live but broadcast at a later date for that very reason - if something like that occurs we can remove it from the show :)