And it's only waste if you throw it away!

JUNKO is a combination of our belief in the importance of developing creativity and a desire to reduce and reuse waste. 

Our kits provide instant creative fun but also encourage additional rewarding play as all of the parts are reused with waste materials.  It's close to zero-waste play, or you describe it as play that eats waste! And, to get kids started on their craft adventure there is a  growing bank of ideas on our website , TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channel .

Many kids from previous generations grew up playing with repurposed materials… it’s only in recent times that kids have been inundated with more plastic toys than they can ever play with. Often these quick fix toys frequently only get a few hours of play before kids lose interest or they break. I read the other day that the average child will have been given 493 toys* by the time they're 13! The danger is that this gives kids the feeling that everything is disposable. Like many parents, I’m really uncomfortable with that. When you factor in that 6% of all landfill is toys and around 80% of all toys end up in landfill, it's far from ideal.

The sensible solution is fewer, better quality toys, made from sustainable materials, which encourage repeat play. Easier said than done when you're dealing with pester power I know!

Our ultimate goal is for kids to grow their skills and learn how great it feels to make things with their hands, to imagine and build something using stuff from their recycling bin. It’s gives satisfaction and builds confidence and it’s better for their development than just getting bought new stuff. You can read about the learning benefits here.

We take our Zero-Waste play thought into manufacturing too... we only use recycled plastic. This is a subject about which there are many opinions and there has been scare-mongering about the safety of recycled plastics, sadly some of it from the UK’s toy trade association. We test all of our recycled materials and have never had any issues. Most recycled plastic used in manufacturing is not post-consumer waste, it’s the waste created by the injection moulding process in factories (there's plenty of it) and it’s very clean. 

Bioplastics are an alternative but there is a concern that wild land is cleared in order to grow the plants needed. Just the act of ploughing an established grassland releases a large amount of CO2, and we all know what happens when a forest gets cut down. Additionally, most bioplastics still present environmental challenges when they’re thrown away.

I also have concerns about  the overuse of wood for manufacture… we can’t switch to making everything from wood without reducing the amount of natural forests. I fail to see how ‘sustainable forests’ can keep up with modern levels of demands as wood takes a mighty long time to grow. Plus, chopping down trees uses fossil fuels, and wood needs to be seasoned in large electric kilns before it can be shaped into products. So that's why we believe reusing existing materials is the best way to go.

Hopefully all this adds up to an appealing recipe for how we're trying to help kids build a better world one toy at a time!

Happy creating :) 

Love from our little family business,

Pete Rope

JUNKO Inventor

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