We have exciting lesson plans keyed into the KS2 National Curriculum for: Design & Technology, Art & Craft, Science and Maths. In fact, our Zoomer Lesson Plan links all of those subjects up in a fresh, engaging way. It was developed by the play experts at Dr Gummers' Good Play Guide.

We welcome all and any feedback from Teachers on any of the lesson plans :)

KS2 MATHS - Properties of Shapes

A series of 4 lessons. Includes Video Guide and Teacher Sheet, Pupil Worksheets

Applicable Curriculum: KS2 Geometry – properties of shapes

Statutory requirements

Pupils should be taught to:

- recognise and name common 2-D and 3-D shapes, including:

  • 2-D shapes [for example, rectangles (including squares), circles and triangles]

  • 3-D shapes [for example, cuboids (including cubes), pyramids and spheres].

Notes and guidance (non-statutory)

Pupils handle common 2-D and 3-D shapes, naming these and related everyday objects

fluently. They recognise these shapes in different orientations and sizes, and know that

rectangles, triangles, cuboids and pyramids are not always similar to each other.

Be a vehicle designer, scientist and engineer with this lesson plan based on the JUNKO Zoomer

For Years 5&6. Developed by Dr Gummers' Good Play Guide - this is a great, cohesive series of lessons which keys into the National Curriculum - Design & Technology, Science and Maths. It uses every aspect of the JUNKO Zoomer Educational Sets.

The JUNKO Zoomer educational kits are engaging tools for learning Upper KS2 Design & Technology, Science and Maths. The lessons can be used as a flowing experience or teachers can cherry pick the areas they wish.

Session 1: Science: Materials and Magnets - studying waste packaging

Session 2: Design & Technology: Build a static model from waste packaging

Session 3: Science: Friction Part 1 - Experiments with grip

Session 4: Maths: Friction Part 2 - Reporting results

Session 5, 6: Design & Technology: Design and build a car from waste packaging

Session 7: Assess the work as a group... and JUNKO Awards!

KS2 Design - STEM Tower Building

Years 3&4. Build and analyse cardboard towers... students learn quickly as building with flexible card helps understand the forces at play in a large structure...

A wonderful way to develop both creativity and engineering. Go tall, or go creative and wild it's completely up to the students. These sessions use our JUNKO Magic Corners and our STEM shape sets (which students can make themselves from scrap card or supplied pre-cut)

Art & Craft Ideas

Check out our Craft Club page for ideas with old packaging and JUNKO kits and connectors

We're a UK family business making eco-friendly, sustainable craft kits / activity kits that make working toys. JUNKO is designed in the UK, We only use Recycled Plastics and Package Plastic-Free.

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