Pete (JUNKO inventor) tested JUNKO on his own children, as they used the kits and parts the improvement in their crafting skills was great to see, and they also became more and more adept at design and planning. All kids are creative wonders  they just need to be given opportunities to flex those muscles. Below we detail the learning outcomes which will be with young creators all their lives...

Creative Thinking:

Encourages children to use their imagination to create something unique. It allows them to explore different concepts, materials, colors, shapes and textures. 

Critical Thinking:

Planning and building helps grow the ability to analyse situations from various angles, helping kids become more critical and independent thinkers.

Fine Motor Skills: 

Crafting involves using pencils, rulers, JUNKO connectors and a range of materials - These activities help children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are essential for tasks like writing, tying shoelaces or becoming an electrician or a surgeon.

Environmental Consciousness:

It's important the next generation is less wasteful than their parents' one! JUNKO gets kids thinking about waste in a new light.

Focus and Concentration:

Building and crafting requires attention to detail and concentration on the task at hand. It helps kids improve their ability to focus, which can help with school and life.

Confidence and Fulfillment:

Building, experimenting, even failing, rethinking and rebuilding is a positive and ulitmately rewarding experience.

Lifelong Learning:

Being creative fosters a love for learning and curiosity, encouraging a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Here’s what the Good Play Guide Experts said about the JUNKO Zoomer Kit and JUNKO Water Kit

The Junko Zoomer! and Water! kits engage children’s creativity, problem-solving and engineering skills whilst showing them that junk can be fun to recycle. Our testers loved this activity, working together to put the pieces together correctly and helping each other to understand how it worked. There was also much delight among the children when the vehicle worked in the water!

Construction toys like this are great for encouraging important science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning, as children learn step by step the processes for how to make the vehicle work. We also really like the opportunities for extending play – our testers used their storytelling skills as they created their own characters and adventures for their vehicle to add to the comic book story provided.

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