Cereal box (or similar), 6 x JUNKO Magic Corners, Scissors, Pencil/Pen

REMEMBER: Always ask an adult before you use scissors

Build your own cardboard robot from junk material. All of the JUNKO craft kits contain Magic Corners which you can use to clip your junk model rocket together. Use cereal box card, or pretty much any cardboard packaging from supermarket food eg frozen pizza box. We hope our junk modelling ideas will help you think of your own toys, art and models to build. If you feel like being even more creative why not change our designs and make something new? It's only scrap card and you can put it in your recycling bin if it goes wrong... we've done that a lot!

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 great for kids - kind to the planet

We love Creativity & Zero-Waste Play, so all JUNKO kits can be reused to transform old packaging into toys...

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